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Discover limitless options with WPC
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    Modular Kitchens
    Kitchen is a space where water proof and fire retardant furniture is highly crucial. Thus, WPC is the ideal material to build the perfect modular kitchen.
  • 02
    Doors and home furnishings
    WPCs are largely used for home furnishings like doors, windows, boards, and the like. Offering a versatile palette from rustic to modern, WPCs make excellent home furnishings.
  • 03
    WPC offers good stability and strength compared to wood and therefore, isn’t prone to cracks and distortions. They make excellent panelling material for external walls.
  • 04
    WPC railings are highly tolerant of extreme weather conditions which makes them splinter-proof.
  • 05
    Fences are supposed to be long-term solutions that not only protect but also provide an aesthetic appeal. WPCs are sturdy, low-maintenance and look absolutely stunning, and hence make a good fencing material.
  • 06
    WPC decks are tough, resist stains, mould, mildew, scratches and fading. They also don’t need annual sealing or staining and the texture provides a beautiful aesthetic appeal.

WPC Advantages

There is an extensive range of benefits of using WPCs for construction.

100% Water

You can be at peace with your outdoor furnishings with WPC as they’re 100% waterproof, anti-moth, anti-fungus, anti-bacteria, anti-termite and anti-borer.


WPC is naturally termite proof. Unlike plywood, you don’t have to apply a laminate to protect it from the destruction caused by termites.


WPCs have low flammability and demonstrate high fire resistance, making them the superior choice of material for indoors & outdoors.


WPC is highly resistant against acid and alkali corrosion. Hence, makes a perfect material for both indoor and outdoor furniture.


Need sound insulated panels for your home? Switch to WPCs because they provide excellent sound insulation from even the harshest of noises.


WPC are 100% recyclable and green products. We cannot emphasize more on the need to save the forests and the environment.


WPCs are 100% lead-free to ensure you and your loved ones’ safety and health concerns. They’re also free of any harmful chemicals.

No Chance of
Warping & Twisting

Traditional wooden decks trap moisture and consequently, warp, twist or crack as they age. WPC service life is 3 times longer than that of ordinary wood.

High Load Bearing

WPCs are highly tensile due to the strengthening additives used during processing. They can bear substantial amount of wear and tear over time.

Tough Inside,
Smooth Outside

Despite its superior toughness and high strength, products made with WPC materials look and feel extremely elegant.

Easy to

WPCs are easy to cut and mould into various shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a designer window or just need a frame.

Ready to

They are ready to install in outdoors, ports, docks, seaside, water platforms, park roads, and other landscaping and municipal projects.

Paint of Your

Looking to customize your space just the way you like it? WPCs can be painted with the paint of your choice, making them the ideal material.

High Screw Holding

WPCs have high capacity for screw withdrawal, screw-head pull-through and lateral nail resistance, so your furnishings remain sturdy for many years.

Interior & Exterior

Whether you need an outdoor composite wall panel or a kitchen cabinet for your house, WPC is the right material for both indoors and outdoors.

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