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About Glades

About Glades

Offering turnkey, customized products, Glades boasts of a skilled team with specialist experience in creating WPC products for homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, industries, schools, temples, and others. Glades is dedicated to developing environment-friendly, 100% recyclable products for a diverse range of clients.

Our diversity of material choice is unrivalled in the market and helps Glades deliver unique, durable and often complex products across a raft of different market sectors. Our fully-equipped in-house tooling department is a master in the craft of creating bespoke products, customized to your needs and requirement.


Our Philosophy

Nurturing the Nature is our core philosophy. By avoiding the use of any toxic material in our products and ensuring they are completely recyclable, Glades is an environmentally responsible company.


Our Vision

Setting set new standards in the WPC industry and ensuring improved product quality.


Our Mission

Developing products that encourage a sustainable world through clean manufacturing and community involvement.

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Weekly newsletter