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Unlike wooden and plywood door frames, Glades WPC frames are waterproof, distortion-resistant, and have great adaptability to outdoor conditions. Our frames are designed to suit contemporary and traditional homes, are weatherproof, termite-proof and can be customised to suit your unique frame needs. What’s more? They require less maintenance on your part!

Name Description
Material WPC Solid
Product Door Frames/Window Frames
Length Size 7 to 10 feet
Thickness Door Frames/Chaukhat
75 mm x 50 mm
100 mm x 50 mm
125 mm x 62.5 mm
Window Frames
125 mm x 62.5 mm (Single Rebated)
125 mm x 62.5 mm (Double Rebated)
Density Range Above 850 kg/m3
Design Plain
Usage/Application Residential and Commercial
Finish Type Plain Raw Surface
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